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 #10319  by anoro
 Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:26 pm
Character Information
Name: Anoro ID: drgosling#1512
Primary Specialization: Mistweaver
Secondary Specialization: Windwalker (Also like to play alts more than second specs)
Total Days Played: 31 days
Armory Link: ... eras/Anoro
Combat Logs: ... metric=hps

Personal Information
First Name: Smit
Age: 28
Occupation: Pharmacist
Time Zone: EST
Internet Speed Test: (Go to then select a Chicago,IL server. Share the result here.) :
Sex?: Male

Discussion Questions
1. How did you hear about us and why do you want to join <Vigil>? Recommended by Dzoned, heard about Vigil from him. I want to join a guild which has a roster full with people who do their research AHEAD of the fight and just execute during raid times (besides some specific issue troubleshooting, which is understandable), and be very confident and competent with the classes/specs they play. There should be no excuse to not know the fight ahead of time, and know exactly what to do when 100s of guilds have cleared a boss before you, and there multiple guides in place for anyone to learn about the encounter from.
2. <Vigil> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. What does “semi-hardcore” mean to you? To me, semi-hardcore is a guild which raid 2/3 days a week, approx 9-12 hrs a week.
3. Describe your competitive raiding history. Please include reasons for joining and leaving each raiding guild. I have been a part of mythic raiding guild since EN in legion. I was fairly new, and didn't understand anything, got cutting edge 1 week before CE Xavius was out. I was sat in Nighthold for 1st boss because I was not "experienced". Server transferred to a friend guild, did decent on nighthold with an average guild and got recruited by Metempsychosis to be their 5th healer as Hpala. I kept developing my skills by understanding intricacies of class while learning to be a better raider. Here I performed the best out of all their main healers, but was sat for Prog after 2 bosses, because it was 4 heal fight and they didn't want to "sit" their friend healer because it was his last tier of raiding. Made me quit the guild and accidentally applied to Business Class instead of The Family Business and stay there for a little bit in Tomb and after being average again as a guild and taking twice to three times the pulls to kill Miss Sasszine boss, I was done, and went to apply to Vulgar where I stayed as Hpala till they kill 7 bosses in ABT, and then I due to change in work/profession, from being an employee to becoming an owner and employer of my own Pharmacy, I had to quit. I have played with Nov and Fen in your guild during my time in vulgar. I returned for new expansion, leveled every healer I love to play to 120, stuck with MW as main and priest as alt and since my MW was in Business Class since Legion, I trialed and have been here since then.
4. How do you prepare for progression fights outside of raid? This is the most important part IMO and I try as much as I can to be prepared before I step foot in an encounter. There are a lot of resources, like wowhead and video guides as well as streams to get an idea about a boss kill. But important things are researching fights based on available logs, understand why they lust where they lust, what are talents choices and why they are important, how each healer spec is supposed to play (in my case I see all healers in logs.) Class discords for difference classes are not the same, however I try to contact better players than me directly and see what they feel about something besides general questions in discords (MW discord is okay not that great tbh, I can count really good people who understand the spec on my fingertips in that discord.)
5. How do you maximize your DPS/HPS? LOGS and RESEARCH! Goes back to my two main principles of raiding at the best possible way. For example, if you look at any of our Ghuun attempts from last night, you will see how I do considerable healing with keeping mana around 75-80% going into p2 end to p3. How to be more efficient with the resources you have is based on how well you understand the encounter and your class, and there is all kinds of really good information available for everyone. How one uses it (or ignores it) shows up in during raid time. I will give you a personal example of this, if you look up one of my alt Warlock and see the ilvl parse and just review my logs you will see how I do more dps than our main raiders in an encounter.
6. What loot system (loot council, DKP, EPGP) do you prefer and why? With personal loot, I guess it matters less, but I am a strong supporter of optimizing dps before healers, because more geared dps, less you'll have to heal because shorter fights, provide they know how to play their class properly.
7. We require at least 90% attendance. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-10pm CST. If you fall below the 90% attendance requirement during your trial period then your application will be denied. Can you fulfill our attendance requirements? Yes
8. Do you pee in the shower? Only when I shower alone
9. Do you have any additional comments? I am really looking forward to an opportunity to trial at a better guild compared to my current guild, and if you look at any of our logs even heroic, you will see the bad timing for lust and people playing suboptimal talents with no reasoning behind it (forexample, the disc priest decided to play luminous barrier on zekvoz when clearly using evangelism covers that whole part of phase with on healer as disc with evangelism. And then people tunneling like this twitch clip 'll link here
. The guy said, "Anoro did u press macro to show ***PLACE ORB*** on screen, when I clearly did and it popped up on your screen but you just weren't paying attention and defended yourself saying you never got anything" I want to avoid these situations, where even raid lead even if he knows what to do, but doesn't do enough research to explain everyone why it is done this way. The current raid roster didn't know how to reset ghuun, like typing reset mythic ghuun in google gives u wowhead guide for m ghuun and ctrl + f hunter gives you how to reset boss right there first find. People still ask why do we need weak aura for boil soaks and try to argue about something factually wrong is not worth my time. This is more of frustration and disappointment than salt and you can see my stream that I am the most patient person who would love to work with people, I never have outbursts or yell at people and stuff. Streaming myself to see where I mess up and how I can correct myself is a practice I follow, and this is the link to it You should be able to see some UI/gameplay for my characters that I play.
 #10320  by anoro
 Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:27 pm
link to the clip mentioned which didn't come up properly is herehttps://
, please copy and pase url from https, the no space between works is intentional.
 #10321  by anoro
 Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:30 pm
https://www.t<delete this includind square brackets>
 #10323  by TJuice
 Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:20 am
Hi Anoro,

Thanks for your app and sounds like you've already spoken with one of my officers. After reviewing your application we're going to have to decline your app at this time. Best of luck in your guild search