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 #10316  by Impossible
 Sat Dec 01, 2018 8:29 pm
Character Information
Name: Ïmpossible ID: goldenpants#16737
Primary Specialization: Havoc
Secondary Specialization: Vengance
Total Days Played:
Armory Link: ... Fmpossible
Combat Logs: ... Fmpossible

Personal Information
First Name: Tony
Age: 27
Occupation: Truck driver
Time Zone: Mountain
Internet Speed Test: (Go to then select a Chicago,IL server. Share the result here.)
Sex?: Airplane

Discussion Questions
1. How did you hear about us and why do you want to join <Vigil>?
I looked up your guild on wowprogress, Primarily i wish to join to make the transition from casual to semi-hardcore again for this expansion.
2. <Vigil> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. What does “semi-hardcore” mean to you?
To me it means to down serious content without an insane amount of hours, and using that time wisely. It's also a mindset.
3. Describe your competitive raiding history. Please include reasons for joining and leaving each raiding guild.
I have raided hardcore in wolk with vigil on mal ganis, US 5th heroic LK and casually many expansions, Other expansions of note would be mop with revolution us 50th heroic ra den 6 hour raid week. I quit the game after wolk, and after we cleared in revolution my guild was merged into the top guild on malganis and i didnt wish to raid 5 days a week there. Since then I havent found the xpac till now that could lure me back into committing so much time. I wont list casual guilds since they are just places to raid for giggles.
4. How do you prepare for progression fights outside of raid?
Simcraft, Mythic+,Research, Guides,warcraftlogs
5. How do you maximize your DPS/HPS? Pretty much use the tools above.
6. What loot system (loot council, DKP, EPGP) do you prefer and why?
DKP for the memes. But Loot council is best imo for progression focused guilds
7. We require at least 90% attendance. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-10pm CST. If you fall below the 90% attendance requirement during your trial period then your application will be denied. Can you fulfill our attendance requirements?
I have taken a position working 9-5 for this exact reason.
8. Do you pee in the shower? Negative, and that's the reason i do not shower at my gym.
9. Do you have any additional comments? This is a Fresh account starting from legion. and my guild history is to long to put in here lmfao since i've played a very long time. The biggest issue i haven't been able to raid serious is i haven't wanted to commit to a guild if work would prevent me, seeing as i used to work out of town from time to time.
 #10322  by TJuice
 Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:19 am
Hi Ike,

Thanks for your application and sorry for the delay. After reviewing everything we're going to have to decline your application for now due to our current class needs. Best of luck in your guild search,