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  • Matgonza - Mage - Frost/Fire/Arcane

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 Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:21 am
Character Information
Name: Matgonza ID: Matgonza#1720
Primary Specialization: Frost
Secondary Specialization: Fire/Arcane
Total Days Played: 140 on my Mage. Started in the middle of Emerald Nightmare
Armory Link: ... n/Matgonza
Combat Logs: ... n/matgonza

Personal Information
First Name: Matthew Gonzalez
Age: 25
Occupation: Financial Aid Specialist. I work in a financial aid office within a university ensuring students are able to pay for their college experience.
Time Zone: Eastern
Internet Speed Test: (Go to then select a Chicago,IL server. Share the result here.)
Sex?: Male

Discussion Questions
1. How did you hear about us and why do you want to join <Vigil>? I saw you guys in need of a Mage on WoWProgress. I would love to fill that position. You mentioned that you were a group of friends that started the guild. That means a lot because guild community and atmosphere is huge to me. I really want to find a place that is a group of friends hanging out and playing games while still pushing content at a fast pace.
2. <Vigil> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. What does “semi-hardcore” mean to you? "Semi-hardcore" to me means that the guild is capable of pushing content at a great pace while not raiding for 25 hours a week minimum. A guild that is semi-hardcore is typically a guild that can push top 100 in their region while raiding on a lighter schedule than most other guilds. It appears that you guys have managed to do that, and managed to do it for a good chunk of time.
3. Describe your competitive raiding history. Please include reasons for joining and leaving each raiding guild. My raid and guild history is as follows:

I am currently trialing with Narcosis-Illidan but I am not positive that I enjoy their raid environment so I am still searching.

Guiles Theme Song-Mal'Ganis

I joined Guiles Theme Song during Antorus. When I joined them, they were on Kin'Gorath progression. After my performance on their farm kills for my trial week, they asked me to stay for their progression on Kin'Gorath as well. Since that day I have only sat for 2 progression kills. I was asked to sit for Varimathras since the officer core had a very specific set up in mind for that boss that did not include two mages. The second progression fight that I sat on was Mother in Uldir. I was asked to sit for this fight in order to make room for a second Demon Hunter for the double darkness strategy. I was also asked to sit for Zul the Reborn recently, but that was not a time that they managed to get the actual kill. I was asked to sit for this fight so that we were able to class stack rogues. In legion, Guiles Theme Song achieved US 106 Argus the Unmaker. I learned a lot from this guild and believe that I improved greatly as a player and a teammate. I am searching for a new guild due to the fact that the majority of the officer crew has called it quits due to several key members leaving for personal reasons and the officers did not want to rebuild at this time.


I joined Regency when they were on Mistress progression in Tomb of Sargeras. I was in for every progression kill from Mistress to Avatar. Basically once I joined Regency, I was the starting mage for every fight and sat on farm at times to rotate other raiders in. This guild started out okay but seemed to be plagued with inner turmoil. The officers could never come to a concise decision without wasting a large chunk of raid time. There were also members in the guild that were not willing to put forth any effort into learning the intricacies of their class or the boss fight. This led to a lot of players underperforming. We managed to kill Avatar and had 2 weeks to attempt Kil'Jaeden progression. The officers decided to not push for the KJ kill due to the boss being "too hard to kill". When that decision was made I decided to look for a different guild and was invited to Guiles Theme Song for a trial after a period of searching.


This is the same as Regency. Seraph was a multi-team guild and a portion of the guild split and formed Regency.

W A R S O N G B O Y S - Area 52

I joined this guild for a short time during Tomb of Sargeras. When I joined they had just killed Sisters for the first time. I was brought in for the second Sisters kill and also progressed and killed the Desolate Host. After the Desolate Host kill, I was pulled aside and notified that even though I was performing better than their resident mage I would get very little progression time. This was because their other mage was a good friend of the GM and they "did not want to hurt his feelings." Once that happened, I decided that this guild was not the right fit for me and decided to move on.

Pogs Anonymous- Bleeding Hollow

I joined Pogs Anonymous when a group of friends left my previous guild and transferred to Bleeding Hollow. We had been part of a guild on Tichondrius. This guild started in Nighthold and we ended at 6/10 Mythic with multiple 1% wipes on Star Augar Etraeus. This guild was very much a group of friends who played the game pretty casually. I decided to leave to pursue harder pushing guilds with the goal of Cutting Edge achievements.

Raid Ready- Tichondrius.

This was my first guild when I came back to WoW. I joined the guild with the simple goal of raiding on a mythic level. We achieved Cutting Edge Xavius the night before the achievement was removed. The next day a group of friends within the guild decided to leave. I was invited to move servers with that group and took that opportunity.

Random Guilds-

I played a little during Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, and Cata. I did not play to any extent worth mentioning. I was very young and don't really remember any of the playing that I did at that time.

As you can see, I pushed myself to become better and better over Legion and into BFA. I want to continue pushing myself with a guild that is enjoyable to play the game with. I come to every boss fight prepared from looking at multiple boss videos, including from mage points of views. I also look through warcraftlogs before my first pull on a boss to see how I should be lining up my cooldowns to really get the most bang for my buck.

4. How do you prepare for progression fights outside of raid? I run my own sims. Typically using raidbots. I will run sims that closely resemble each fight if possible. For a fight like ghuun I sim for Fire execute phase, since P3 is really all that matters when it comes to DPS. I do this with an "advanced" raidbots sim that will sim the stat weights for a 2 minute long execute phase. For Vectis I would run a Frost sim with 2 target cleave. I would also ensure to change my talents to the appropriate cleave talents. I keep up to date by using the Mage Discord and I also watch videos and streams of high end mages to see how they do things for specific fights. Things like holding cooldowns for specific moments can be learned from the videos. I also dive into warcraftlogs of public kills that happened before my raid team gets to that boss in order to see how their mages played on the boss. Be that using a different spec, a different talent setup, or holding cooldowns for a specific moment in the raid.

5. How do you maximize your DPS/HPS? I push my buttons in the correct order. I know how to do this via keeping up to date with mage information via their altered-time.come website and their class discord. I also get some of this information from the warcraftlogs that I look through. I manage to push my buttons in the correct order through mechanics due to practice of the spec and class.

6. What loot system (loot council, DKP, EPGP) do you prefer and why? I typically prefer a loot council style. I like this because it means that the officers of the guild can hand out loot in a fashion that they believe will best benefit the guild as a whole. In my eyes a piece of loot belongs to the guild, not to a specific player. Everyone helped kill the boss, everyone's name is on that loot.

7. We require at least 90% attendance. Our raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6-10pm CST. If you fall below the 90% attendance requirement during your trial period then your application will be denied. Can you fulfill our attendance requirements? Those raid times fit perfectly for me. I do want to notify you that I would miss December 25th due to Christmas. But that is the only absence I should have for the foreseeable future.

8. Do you pee in the shower? Only after I brush my teeth with the hot shower water.

9. Do you have any additional comments? I would like to speak to the crap parse I had on Ghuun. I did not progress Ghuun with this guild due to joining them when they already had over 150 pulls on the boss. It did not make sense to pull me in when they were so close to the kill. I was brought in for their second kill of Ghuun, when this happened we killed it in about 25 pulls. Unfortunately due to learning the entire fight in those 25 pulls, my dps was not up to what I would consider normal for myself. I do believe if I had been able to learn the fight over progression with this guild, my logs of that fight would have been much better. If you would like, you can contact my old raid leader at Rec#7373 with any questions. He was my raid leader for ~10 months before the guild disbanded and we still keep in contact. You can also reach me on discord at matgonza#6887. I typically respond quickest there due to having push notifications sent to my phone. I look forward to hearing from you!.
 #10314  by notthesun
 Sat Nov 24, 2018 3:03 pm
Hey Mat,
Thanks for your interest in Vigil, unfortunately we can't offer you a trial at this time. Our roster is pretty much set going into to 8.1. Good luck in your future guild search.